Any 3DSMax God around?

I could use a little help with this software, so if you have great sites, ressource, tutes or expertise to offer, I’m all ears.

pom :asian:

Where are you, Dan!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dan and Dan are both good with 3dS MAx, and Edwin is good w/ it also…I can barely open the program without getting confused.

Search for tutorials and become a member and get comments on your work which is submitted into the deviant art database without you needing to host anything, also here are some sites you can look at:

P.S. - Edwin is the 3ds Max god!


Is there anything specific you are after? I have been using Max for about 6 years now.
I would be more than happy to help either model something or help out in any way I can!
Let me know

Wow, thanks for the links guys! (are you using 3dsmax, Jubby?) And Allen, I appreciate the offer. I’m going to try the software in a few days, so I’ll probably ask you quit a few questions then. By the way, do you have stuff online? I’d love to see it.

Thanks again.

pom :asian:

I’m playing around with it, and trying to get things to work, but Its not going very well…I will probly pick it up again once I have the time.

i’ve done some 3dmax…wot u think of this?

I was tossing up weither to put up my 3d work on my site…hehe i ended up not putting them up but yeah not much to show really :slight_smile:

Oh and all my older pics are up on my old site…shudder which is at’sweb/Pictures.htm

hehe ok :slight_smile: tell me wot u think and i’ll give u candy (well not really) but yeah :slight_smile:

nice bezzer! I see there nothing complicated but a nice picture :slight_smile:
I’ve done some 3ds max myself but I think I’ll keep that for my homepage… I hope I’m gonna finish it soon :-\

Heey, a 3dsmax gang… cool… I’ve been working with 3dsmax for some years now too, although I never got the hang of modelling… I won a 2nd place once in a contest in (u know, the creators of TrueSpace)…

All i have to show off of my creativity in 3dsmax at the moment is this: crystals

(160 kb or so… 1280x1024)

Actually, I got a hold of the guy running, and he really wanted my tut on these crystals… And I even sent them to him… never heard from him again, and the tut’s not on his site yet… weird…

Anyway, I HAVE a tut on these if anyones interested… You other 3dsmax guys can easily figure this one out, it’s incredible simple…=)

Show me the way you do it, I randomly end up making pretty cool crystals but I think it would be cool to see the ways other people come out with some pretty tight crystal models!

Yeah, I’d like to see this too :slight_smile: (even though they have quite a similar effect on Voidix, except it’s orange…)

pom :asian:

Yeah the method is pretty much the same, but the guy at voidix said he’d love to post my tut on his site… Just strange i never heard from him again…

well, I’m just gonna put the link for my tut in the next post…

hold on…

Here it is guys…

3dsmax tutorial


If you (when the tut is completed) take the center crystal (origin object) and resize it. Make it really small first, render, then large, render, and then the inner crystal will look darker… like the one in my pick, I have NO idea why this happens… but it looks cool, just fiddle around with the inner crystal, eventually it does this…


Do NOT make as many large crystals as i say you should in the tut, it looks silly in the final render, just use about half… OR use as many as you’d like… it’s really up to your self…

Hope this helps!!

this some 3ds max shiznit i made. (no plug ins or renderers)

Hey guys I found some other pic’s from my old site! It’s not 3dsmax, but I thought I’d share’em with you anyways…

All by me, drawing, coloring etc. My first attempt at scanning and coloring in ps7.


Drawn by my girlfriend, colored by moi. Also in ps7.


I know they’re not perfect… But they’re still nice… :slight_smile: Although they are quite old by now…

Lemme know what you all think, k?

Oki gues, I just thought of something. There’s this effect (here ) I’d like to copy… (Wait for the bg splash to load).

Does ANYONE have the sightest idea how this effect is made? And i’m not talking about the ghost effect on shadowness, cuz I’ve done that to death… this looks a little harder…

Can anyone help?

This IS done in 3dsmax… 'xcept the butterfly and fairy-thingy + logo of course… i’m talking about the orange sheiz in the back…

Well, that’s really good work (thanks for the link, Eilsoe). That picture you attached, VTS, it is just unbelievable… I really have to work with that software. By the way, am I the only one to think that there too many buttons and options and checkboxes and list boxes…?

pom :asian:

wha, here? Yeah this forum is buttons galore… easy to get lost…

Nononono, I was talking about 3dsmax… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… that too! It gets easier when u use the panels… much like AS in flash… just use it to death…