[ANY] Flash support for mid files?

Why doesn’t flash support midi files?? It would be so great if it did!

why would that be great?

midi is very limited. also you can just convert a midi to mp3 or whatever and probably get a smaller file size.

What are you talking about?? The compression of midi is the only reason I want Flash to support it! You can have a 4 minute long midi and it’ll be less than 100k !!

oh :slight_smile:

but still … midi’s don’t sound good

though it would be nice if flash would support them just b/c they’re there

maybe you can just put the midi in the html source on the page containing your flash movie :slight_smile:

Well I’ll tell you why I wanted Flash to support MIDI in the first place:

If you’ll look in my profile and my website you’ll see that I’m a DOOM freak. And I wanted to make a DOOM game/movie in Flash and use the original DOOM soundtrack (I have utilities to extract the original music files) which are in MID format. Every such music file is approximately 3 to 5 minutes long! And less than 90K !!! So I thought it’ll be a real pain to convert a 90K music file to MP3 and get a 5 MB music file probably with worse sound quality! So I think it could be really awsome if Flash supported MIDI files.:cool: