Any GIS users out there?

Anyone out there use GIS? I’m looking for some info on how to connect Flash to ArcIMS - e.g. have a Flash interface that talks to an ArcIMS server to supply the data.


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Geographic Information Systems :tb:

Ever heard of ESRI?

say what…?! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Elisoe and Senocular repeat information?

And today’s ‘Wittiest Acronym Relation To Forum Happenings Award’ goes to McGiver for his performance in ‘Any GIS users out there?’

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Actually in the industry GIS means geeks-in-shorts

but this is a valid question, funny as the acronyms may be (ESRI is the Mirosoft of the GIS world

People out there who do GIS are starting to dabble into flash (though from what I’ve seen they suck at it :beam: ) and I want in on the game.

So anyone out there doing GIS and Flash? :stuck_out_tongue:

so it’s what? Flash on dirt?

I don’t get it…

I would imagine is revolves around developing a backend to handle the GIS data (through ArcIMS?). Once you got that in place, you can just bring that formatted information into flash in whatever way you need it to be and do whatever you want with it.

Who’s doing it now? Anyone you know? Does google know? Does it serve a purpose for those tree hugging, short-wearing geeks? 1… 2-hooo!, 3. CRUNCH. The world may never know.

GISers, on a whole, are definitely NOT tree-huggers. Many of them are using GIS for evil not good. :gm:

But basically yes, that’s the idea. Like connecting Flash to Cold Fusion or PHP or whatever. There always seems to be a special language or code or something to make the back end talk to the front end (sniggering comments ignored here) and I have no idea what that is or where to start looking for it.

So I thought I’d come to the best Flash discussion board in the world, where people seem to be doing some amazingly varied things with Flash and I get “elisoe and senocular repeat information” :sure: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though (again) if anyone knows drop a word here.


edit p.s. ArcIMS is a way to serve GIS data (geographic data) on the web. The standard interface is clunky and confusing and butt-ugly. That’s why Flash would be a much nicer way of poking the data.

GIS and flash?

I’ve never heard of it and cartography/gis is my background, then again that was a few years ago. ArcInfo, Autocad and Map Publisher is all I know/ knew.:lol: I hate GIS with a passion! :angry:

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I went to a school of hippies. It was a great experience even though I have no intention on saving the planet. There we a couple of really die hard hippies in my class that only showered like once a week, but we didn’t call them hippies, we called’m dirts. All the roughnecks from the Resource Drilling used to beat on them every once in awhile:lol:

Yea those GISers are evil. One of my friend has a job counting manholes. :lol: < homer voice > It’s funny 'cause it’s true < / homer voice > :stuck_out_tongue:

In most cases, unless you’re dealing with a constant flow of updating information (chat for example), Flash really doesnt “connect” to a server per se. Thinking that will confuse you, or at least probably make you imagine that situations are more complex than they need to be. If you just need a Flash movie to display at some instance information held by a server, its better to think of Flash and server as the completely different entities that they are.

Flash doesnt know the server exists; nor does the server see Flash. What you end up with is a server sitting there getting simple text-based requests in order to cause a text-based response. This can be from a simple HTML page… or Flash. The server doesn’t know and it doesn’t care. In terms of Flash, its just sending and recieving things from web pages. It only sees those pages and what text exist on them; not anything to do with the server.

So, when it comes down to it, its best to start on the HTML side of things and interact with your server that way just to be sure you know how to get a response from it that will yield the information you need. As text, it can be displayed right in your browser and you wont need to touch Flash. Once you’re able to get that information you need, you can then open flash and just tell it to load that page you shot that information to and interpret those variables to use in whatever creative way you want.

So I think the big question here is, do you have a way of getting the information you need from ArcIMS? What it seems like you’re looking at is
GIS -> ArcIMS -> Flash

btw, it wasnt my intent to imply that the GIS geeks were tree huggers; I was just in cartman mode there for a second…


Screw you guys… Im going home!

Yep ArcIMS is already talking to GIS, it’s basically GIS on the web instead of just GIS on your monitor or GIS going to your printer. So really what i’m talking about is ArcIMS --> Flash

I guess if ArcIMS is GIS on the web then there must already exist the ArcIMS --> html connection (I’m an html moron) so I just have to figure out how to get the ArcIMS --> html --> Flash

And actually it’s funny Sen that you mentioned Google. I’m always telling people to google stuff but then I forget to do it myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I found a couple of leads but it will take some time to digest to them. For example this looks like a good start:

@CG - I saw a really bad example today of Flash integrated with ArcIMS. The guy did a horrible job of placing menus, making things visually linked (simple things like a button color change so you know which button you just pressed), it had no legend, and half the things didn’t work. I’m not sure if it is a work in progress but I know I can do much better if I can figure out how to make flash talk to ArcIMS.


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