Any good flash MX books to recommend?

hi, I’m just a beginner in learning flash mx, I have learned all the drawing tools including some basic scripts like stop, telltarge, gotoplay, etc. What i’m looking for is a book that teaches readers thoroughly from intermediate up to advanced level including web page usability, design ideas, and some scriptings with or without case studies. Mainly for practical use. Anyone?? Thanks.

I hear the O’Reilly books are good for that. And I think there is one called the Actionscript Dictionary. Not sure.

Just a helpful hint, tellTarget has been deprecated (fazed out) as of Flash MX. The new way to do it is…

on (rollOver) {

I’m not sure but I think Flash MX Studio from friends of ed could be useful for you.

pom :asian:

Flash MX studio is for the advanced learner? i’m not at that level yet…and if compare to another book from friendsofed, “flash mx designer’s actionscript reference”, which one is better?

Get “Flash MX Savvy” from Sybex, very good book and the 1st time i recommend any non-FoED book, lots of examples, all the new features covered, comes with a cd…good!

eyezberg, I’d take a look on Savvy book later! thanks man! :stuck_out_tongue:

basically i need one book that teachs all the tips and tricks about flash capabilities and also gives reader some inspiration on how to design; and one book about actionscript start from simple to advanced.

Or if these elements can be combined in one book, that’d be greatful!! Anyone knows?

oh i forgot to mention another thing, is any good books that can demonstrates how a project develop giving a step-by-step tutorials? how about this one “Flash deConstruction: The Process, Design, and ActionScript of Juxt Interactive”, is it worth to try?

I searched and searched for a good flash mx book and I finally gave into Inside Flash MX by New Riders - its a great book and was recommended by Tony Novak (COO of - it has been a great resource to me - also a great website to get tech books is - you save a ton of money even after shipping - hope it helps


I always suggest friends of Ed… but they tend to assume you have some knowledge already. SO I’d go with some of the other suggestions - but Flash MX Studio, and MAth Creativity both by friends of Ed are awesome books and can really inspire you.

Peace & Good Luck

thanks for all, manz!! :evil:

i’m ready to buy one tomorrow, so at this last mins, anymore intro?