Any idea how to achieve this a different way? Dynamic Flickr thumbnails

I’m looking to have a div on my page populated with dynamically pulled in Flickr images (say the latest 8 images - but only from one album) that are trimmed down to square thumbnails.

I found this thread here which details how to import the latest images from your Flickr account;

But I’m not sure how to affect the number of photos being pulled in, since I’m rubbish at js! Also I’m wondering if it’s possible to pull in photos from one particular album on your Flickr, rather than the latest pictures from every album related to your account ID.

Then, this page details a technique to use css clip to trim images down to square thumbnails;

I’m just wondering how I can combine these.

The reason I want to pull in images from one album in my Flickr account is because the photos in the particular album I have in mind will all come from my iphone, so they will all be portrait layout and therefore I can theoretically have one “thumbnail” style applied to all images, rather than having to worry about having separate styles/scripts affecting portrait/landscape images separately, if that makes sense.

Any ideas guys?