Any Naruto Fans Here?

im sure there has probably been a thread on this but im fairly new to posting on this forum.

I love the show, its my favorite anime. :to:

I love Naruto as well. I don’t watch much anime, but Naruto would be my favourite if I had to choose. I usually read the manga. :stuck_out_tongue:

im not reading the manga, i like to be suprised by the shows:)

Ah, yeah, that’s what most people say. The manga keeps me surprised enough as it is though. I guess I would just rather read the story than watch it.

Do you have a favourite character?

hmmm, I like a lot of them, kakashi cus he is all laid back, and its funny when he talks to guy and guy gets all upset lol. I like lee too, it was cool when he fought gara and opened the gates.

of course i like sasuke and naruto, but doesnt everyone hehe.

what about you?

Yeah, Kakashi’s definitely cool. I don’t know how far the anime’s gotten, but I’m sure you’ve met Jiraiya? He’s probably my absolute favourite along with Lee. Heh, it’s true, everyone seems to like Sasuke and Naruto. I think Sasuke and Gaara are overrated. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah the show is at the part where that girl sennin, drew a blank on her name, is about to heal orochimaru’s hands but gets stopped by orochimaru’s top henchman, drew a blank on his name also. I really like jiraiya too, i want to see him woop someone’s butt hehe.

Tsunade :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, so whats the henchman guys name? :slight_smile:

Dont tell me anything that would ruine the story, but is there anything big coming up soon in the story cus the action has been kinda sorry for a while now.

Oh! Sorry, didn’t see that you wanted his name too… I’m pretty sure it was Yakushi Kabuto, but I don’t remember that part of the story with detail. (It was a long time ago and all :P)

And yeah definitely, there’s action coming. I can’t say anything else. :wink:

I used to be a naruto freak!!! cos-play and everything! Naruto is no doubt the strongest, but my favorite is gaara, sick defense!

Haha cosplay :lol: Yeah Gaara’s sand defense is awesome. I like Shino’s bugs better though. :slight_smile:

i like how smart shikamaru is, and how he always says things are troublesome lol.

Haha, I like how he pretended to be asleep 'cause he was too lazy to fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought it was sweet when that chuunin with the cigarette saved shikamaru and took out all those ninjas.