Any of you into cryptocurrencies?


China and South Korea are cracking down on people being able to exchange cryptos in general, so I’m guessing the loss of those markets is really having an effect on cryptocurrencies as a whole.

I mean, some of the largest Bitcoin mining operations are taking place in China.


I helped my buddy set these up yesterday…and so begins his descent in to insanity


What does a rig like that get you? Like per day?


It depends on many factors, but at todays crypto prices he says about $500 USD per day, for I think like 15 of those machines. The other ones in the pic are not his but he’s going to collect some rent from them. I don’t know all the exact numbers but at todays rates and machine price inflation. He’s prob looking at a minimum of 7 months before breaking even. Rent, electricity, machines, Just my estimate. Of course if crypto doubles he makes a lot more, and vise versa


I wonder what hackers are secretly using these crypto farms for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So … much like looking past everything on @senocular 's desk and instead at the bubble wrap, what is the ladder for?


Ladders are for reaching higher, and otherwise inaccessible, areas. You’re welcome.

All of the uses for ladders!

That doesn’t answer the question.

In Vietnam, I recently asked a chap why he had a ladder on his motorcycle. (I didn’t ask about the 30 meter long hose dragging behind).

-is it for window cleaning?
-No, it could be anything…anything.

This is a very specific question. “why do you have a ladder”…


Ah yes, of course… how silly of me.


That is ok. I’m aware you do not know all the ways to use a ladder. Neither do I.


I had one of these growing up: