Anybody following the CES 2017 news?

I’m a sucker for big TV screens, and this sounds really good:

I have no need for a 4K tv right now, but who knows what might happen once Xbox Scorpio and its 4K gaming awesomeness comes out towards the end of this year. The nice thing about waiting until then is that the $13k price tag is bound to get dropped along the way as well :stuck_out_tongue:

That Nvidia Now thing caught my eye, really interesting, especially for casual gamers.

I saw that an 8k monitor was announced, so I’ll probably have to update my new year’s resolution.


I see what you did there

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omg 8K monitor?i think sony got to update their console again:relieved:, for support 8k resolution…

8K monitor is just a dream of any gamer :slight_smile: