Anybody out there good with MC sound issues?

I’m trying for a reponse once again, please help if you can. I have 10 movieclips attached to a root timeline. Each of the mcs have a forward and back button allowing them to jump back and forth through the clips (after returning to the root timeline).

I have 3 songs that make up a soundtrack for the movie. Track 1 is triggered in say, mc 1, track 2, in say mc5

problem - when you use the back button you trigger the previous sound track to play along with the present playing soundtracks.

note- each soundtrack is on START, (not EVENT) but that doesn’t seem to be stopping all soundtracks from taking off again. Example: i was listening to soundtrack 3, hit the back button and soundtrack 1 was definately triggered ( i assume 2 was too, but its a much quieter tune).

How do i stop this from happening - or have i discovered ANOTHER limitation of flash mx?

the problem is with your back button code.
you have to stopAllSounds() in the mc that is currently playing before you go to next sound

thanks for responding but i need to ask you to expand your explanation because I’m so new at this. I went in and put a stopallsounds on every back button, but here’s what happens. Whether i’m listening to soundtrack 1, 2 or 3,
whenever i hit the back button i STILL get soundtrack 1 starting all over (the track THAT WAS playing stops just fine). It’s as if because soundtrack 1 comes first it’s lord and master over the others.

How do i stop track 1 from constantly restarting regardless of the frame i’m backing up to?

I guess what i’d really like is absolute silence when you’re working backward and the normal soundtrack triggering when you’re working forward.


a knowledge question - should these soundtracks be placed in the movieclips or are they better served being placed on the root timeline?


i’m no pro but i’d say putting the tracks within their own isolated movies would be smart. if the tracks are all on the main timeline, then say the user only wants to play 1 track. then they’ve loaded 2 extra tracks for no good reason (and would’ve effectivly raped your bandwidth, if thats an issue to worry about).