Anyone can help me with silverlight application?

hello lads,

Im newbie on Silverlight and currently using Silverlight2, trying to develop some Silverlight application which can connect to MySQL databases.
I already trying using .NETconnectors which provided by MySQL. but somehow it cannot connect my database tables to my application. when im tryin to add reference for Silverlight 2, it says not .net 3.5 application. (cmiiw)
Im tryin to connect trough still the same,
i read the manuals and tutors from the websites that im googled still got no clues.
anyone can help me? with sample of your application so i can understand how things works. (e.g like 1 table display those datas to Silverlight datagrid.)

and, anyone knows how to marry Silverlight2 with PHP? i’ve read about phlunger(*cmiiw)
but it was for silverlight 1 (cmiiw). how about silverlight 2?
anyone already test this? can you gave your sample application?

thank you very much for helping me.

warm regards,