Anyone have experience with precache

Does anyone have experiece with Precache(ing) files into the Cache folder. I know this may not be a Flash thing— but in doing this Flash project I am working on-- I have encountered a great problem.

If you click on the Refridgerator - the first time the “signed movie clip” loads–it is PAINFULLY slow. Once this image is in cache- it works beautifully. The video clip that Flash is importing is only 354k— so it shouldn’t be so slow–but the first time it is. Only a few of the buttons are working right now- Ref, Crackers box, Microwave—try them. And if you last til they load, go through and click them a second time and see how it should really look.

Anyone have any suggestions how I could speed up loading of the indepedant movie clips the “first” time?

Hope this makes sense??