Anyone have the text inside of the help section

I got yet another problem… (If you get to know me long enough I have more problems than chinese algebra…) but anyways somehow the font is set to SUPER DUPER small inside of the help section of flash mx 2k4… dont ask me how but I opened flash today and everything is completly unledgible and looks like the font size is set to like -5… any suggestions on how to get it back to being readible? I cant even attempt to read the help section in flash because its way to **** small… I swear the world is against me


Did you download Flash MX 2004 7.2 Ellipsis?

yea just did and it didnt help;(

help is html, so you can use ctrl+mousewheel to make the font bigger… just like in IE

well I found something else out too… Ive been on flash sites the whole time with IE but now in both IE and Firefox all of my html fonts are really small too… but in the settings of the browsers nothings changed… I know windows pretty well but the only place I knew to check was my default system font settings which are normal… odd very odd…

have you tried in internet explorer - view - text size - and try medium as a setting :: you will find - view - in the top toolbar of internet explorer.

hope it is as simple as that