Question about MX 2004 help text size

Hello - newbie here.

I’ve spent the last three days starting to learn about Flash MX 2004. And I’d probably be going about twice as fast if it wasn’t for the fact that the text in the Help/How Do I windows is so darned small and hard to read! It’s been making me cross-eyed and giving me a headache. But I don’t want to waste a bunch of ink printing it all out either, so could someone tell me if there is a way to set preferences for the text size and/or color in the Flash MX 2004 help system? (I looked around the Edit/Preferences dialog and couldn’t find anything that would help.)

By the way, my desktop is at 1024x768x32bit with normal sized fonts (Windows XP Professional), if that makes any difference.

Someone save my eyesight, please. :slight_smile:

  • David