Anyone in the Chicago area want an Xbox?

If you pick it up you can have it + 2 guitar hero guitars + GH2 + Halo3 for I dunno… like 100 bucks or something. It’s got a harddrive and all the cables and warranty and that jazz.

Just sick of playing and I seriously CBA packaging stuff and sending it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify is it a Xboxq or an Xbox360 seems like its a X360 since you said Halo3 :lol:

If it’s a 360 I’ll be in Chicago and two weeks and will gladly take it off your hands.

I wish I would’ve known this - I was just in Chicago last weekend.

(be a good gift for my bro)

nobody, sounds fine.

And yes its a 360 haha :slight_smile:

Relative to the world, I’m in the Chicago area. Can I have it?

sorry hl, nobody’s already got dibs :wink:

hope its not the same 360 thats in your avatar ^^

haha lol no : )

UPDATE: Nobody don’t want my guitar hero controllers so they are up for grabs. I’ll charge you aaaaaa… I dunno… I large Chai Latte for both of them. You gotta come and pick them up though I’m not going anywhere.