Anyone likes Doom here...?

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Hey flatline,
Pretty cool site! Did you create those movies yourself? They are really good :slight_smile:



Yes, I did everything myself. If not, I always mention it in the credits.

nice site! i’m downloading doom2 for a nostalgic review now, thank you.
Have you seen my own version of the game(pen-drawn)?

Anyone who can read spanish should see this essay by a friend of mine, entitled “Sexual theory of Doom”…oomsex.htm

see you

nacho from

Sorry… I don’t know Spanish…

Is that article happen to be talking about why the Doom characters are only male?

You don’t know an English version?

ok, i’ll try to summarize:
Doom is based upon sexual frustration. Along the game we get bigger weapons/penises in order to kill the (male) monsters - read ‘compete against other men’. At the end of the level, instead of getting the girl, we start all over again, increasing addiction & frustration. And our favorite weapon, the shotgun, has a very curious way to reload, a clear reference to masturbation.

These are the main topics, more or less.
I’ll go and play a game now.


nacho from

:lol: : LOL! What a stupid topic! HAHAHAHA! :lol: :

think so? well, think about it the next time you play this macho game.

nacho from