Win doom 3

you can win doom 3 on this site

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[color=red]above is the promo link ^^[/color]
[color=red]below is the normal link)[/color]

specify the part on that site that says “win doom 3 here”… 'cuz it’s all german to me… I can’t understand diddly of it.

besides… this looks like a plug to me…

Is that some kind of Danish phrase: It’s all German to me?

Coz this is cleary Dutch, thank you very much.

German, Dutch … its all the same thing.

I only know two languages, English and bad English

i know bad english:P i cant type good

After looking around a bit, I figured out this was a shameless link for his own profit: there’s a contest on that site which gives you a link, and if you get people to click it, you can win stuff… so that’s the only reason why he posted that link. You can’t even win Doom3 there :sigh:

…soooooooooo…maybe THIS LINK WILL WORK!!!

:ne: :ne: :ne:



Yea this is a gay spam thread and has been posted 3 times. to benifit him

are the same gay post.

based on the three links presented by simplistik it is quite obvious it was a stunt for him to win some sort of contest. i have kept the other two links, one in dd and the other in showcase (changed his link and got rid of his promo link) because these sorta have a place but this one just seems useless… if im wrong feel free to move it.

now what do we do, temp ban this kid? or pm him why i removed his thread?

ah, good call on the thread…

I wouldnt go so far as to ban right away. A firm PM warning might do it, and if it happens again, then ban.

I say ban when it happens again after warning.

the other two threads have been edited, so they are safe,(unless he edits them again) but i left them where they are cause they are kinda resonable , like you said voets he may really want critiques.

but this link is a different story. :bad:

Warning him first seems like a good idea, but I doubt that he really posted in these forums with the intention of sticking around :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, tru , tru :stuck_out_tongue:

but it is a person, and they have feelings too :frowning:

snap out of it:trout: **be a MAN! **

lol :stuck_out_tongue: