Anyone need a Voice Actor?


This is Joe Despres. I just finished up directing and voice acting my own flash film, called Star’s War which will be out on NewGrounds by the end of the month. So now I have some free time and was wondering if anyone needs a voice actor for their film or game or whatever you may be creating. I do have samples of my previous voicework if you are interested. So if anyone is then EMAIL me at [email protected] or get me on MSN messenger also you can reach me on AOL Instant Messenger at BonoVox627.



not being rude, but are you the voice of-

No I am not.

Also here is my site for DontAsk Inc. Films. The one that puts out the Star’s War films.

Bono, did you ever visit to offer your voice over services? You can put your demos there and those needing voice actors can find you. Good luck.

What is your rate?