Anyone other then Flex Can help me out on this Please... HeadLab News Ticker

If you check on the tutorials section , in special effects section under MX. You will see 4th one down is News Flasher.

I been trying to get this thing to work with no success. I have followed the directions. I downloaded the zip file for the component. I opened the movie. Made a dynamic text field with the center / html / multi line settings. Made it myText instance.

I created the notepad text file and copied and pasted the exact lines they had on the tutorial. And put the & infront .

When i publish the ticker, The news is shown with the html codes all there. It also only shows the first line and the "the best flash learning source " line. With all the stupid html tags and nothing else. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong. What are the two layers in the fla for ? Im so helpless :*(

Hey dude, people are going to think you don’t want my help!

Nooooo. LOL.

Flex your great man. I just feel bad always asking for help and your the only one who helps me out.

Im sure they understood what i was saying. If not, let me know how to rephrase the subject and ill change it right now . :nerd:

Naah thats cool. I’m not really bothered what people think. Put up your fla - or whoever did the tutorial, has followed it or knows about - I’m sure they’ll help.

It would take 2 seconds. I can just take your name out totally and make it normal or rephrase it. Let me know if you want me too… I dont want anyone to think i dont want your help, and i can see how it could be misundertood by just reading the subject line and not looking at the thread.

I followed the tutorial exactly and got no problems at all.

Hehe, no it’s ok. The other day a woman insisted this forum was a dictator forum because it objected to her posting a link to what she called a “wonderful” site where she put her religion over another (with her own claims about the other religion - not even proven), and I’ve actually studied comparitive religion for quite some time, so I had something to say. But I think a couple of the mods here swing towards her way of thought. Anyway, I probably isolated myself from a lot of people because of that - so many people here wouldn’t want my help! But, as Brendons Grand - dad says in the cartoon Home Movies - I don’t give 2 d a m n s!

Anway - like the dude above says - it worked for him. So post your fla - or recheck you’ve followed everything straight.

Lost: where are you going this Sunday?

Can you give me a quick overview of what you did.

Did you take the component and put it into a new movie. Or create a new dynamic text box in the fla opened with the Component.

Did you use a variable name for the text box ?

How did you place the component in the dynamic text box ? All it says to do is create it and drag the component from library inside the border of the text box ? Did i understand correctly ???

Dude - pleeease change that title - “Hello flex” is good enough!

Hehe, cheers.

I cant delete the origina subject line. It only changes in the post. Not on outside. I could delete the whole thread if you like though.

It’s ok - it’s changed. Sorted. So have you retraced your steps in the tutorial?

I downloaded the .mxp file that they provide in the beginning of the tutorial.

I followed each direction step by step (I have never done it, so it was all new to me).

Voila it worked.

I gave my textbox the variable name of “myText” (without Quotes).

I drug the headlabs component from my component box and dropped it right on top of my text box. Then I Configured the component in the properties window.

Here, I attached a .zip file with my .fla, .swf, .txt, and the .mxp file.

I hope it helps:)

Hmm, sunday, I don’t think I am going anywhere then…hehe. According to the other person I am going to hell no matter what…hehe.

Weird, i didnt see any mxp file. Just a zip file of the fla with the components…

Ill check this out thanks.

It is in the first paragraph of the tutorial…

In this tutorial , you will learn how to use the component " Headlab News Flasher V1.1.2. Its quite simple, download the extension from the site by clicking here.

The “here” at the end of the Intro is a link to the .mxp file.

I got it to work. Thanks.

One question though. Is it possible to edit it some how, So that the news doesnt fly out the left end of the movie . Maybe have the whole animatiom defined in a certain lenght. My Page has side borders like most. This animation can be adjusted where to start as it comes in, but when the text goes out, it goes all the way to left side of the movie. Doesnt look very good.

Thanks again.


If you are confident enough you can click on the little orange box and select “Edit” and edit the actions anyway you want.

I for one am not confident enough to mess with that just yet.

Or you could mask it. Just embed the font outlines of your dynamically loaded text and it should work (i think)