Anyone recognise this language?

Ny eFaktura fra Lånekassen er nå tilgjengelig i din nettbank.
Forfallsdato er 15.08.2004.
Betalingen må bekreftes i nettbank.

Vi har dessverre ikke mulighet for å behandle svar på dette varselet.
Har du spørsmål knyttet til innholdet i faktura, kan disse rettes direkte til Lånekassen.

Endring av e-postadresse utføres i din nettbank, der du også finner informasjon om eFaktura.
Ved andre spørsmål kan du kontakte kundeservice i din bank.


Looks like Norwegian…?

seems that you’re right hifi, thanks =)

No problem :slight_smile:

It might be Swedish as well because I see some familiar characters within your text like the ring about the letter “a”. Go to yahoo and type “online english swedish/norweign dictionary” to make sure.

That’s true, Swedish and Norwegian are very similar… Both have the å character. As well as the ø character. They have a lot of words in common too, from what I’ve heard, so a dictionary may not work if you happen to get one that exists in both languages. So… good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

something about them sending you a bank notice for a transaction
and they had no other method to discuss save that notice
reserve right to treat you with that notice, and verfiy your address is correct with your bank…

something like that.


prstudio, how do you know that