Anyone wanna challange me? photoshop only batte?

read subject

no one? =/

I think thats a big ‘NO’ Edwin. No one wants to mess with your skills. I would accept but I have a 15 page research paper to work on over the next week or so…

Edwin…you crazy Mofo :stuck_out_tongue: the only person you can really battle is yourself…your 2 dam good! how about you become a scizo for a day and make 2 images and battle yourself?! hm…this cofee is really getting to me

Sonmi could probably hold a ■■■■ good fight :slight_smile:

But other than that… Edwin would make us whipped cream, beaten to a fluffy pulp.

speaking of whipped cream…I make whip cream at work!! if anyone wants some, just HOLLER
son vs ed …dam, i would luv to see that

with sonmi id rather do a colaboration i think it would be a great mix of styles

Well a collab is still a battle.

Battles can either be competition, or a collab. I have seen other battles like that, and even Dan says so in the rules :slight_smile:

I would.

hey, im an idiot, i’ll battle

this board isn’t too active.

sure it is, just its kinda late is all

I’d battle you, but im completly new to photoshop7 and need some major help. lolz =)

What a brave soul you are my friend :slight_smile:

so when does this start?

I theme and deadline has to be posted by a mod (me or another mod), then it can start right away.

Is there any time that would be good for you for this to end?

Any theme you would like?

Same questions go for VTS, if he agrees with anything you suggest the battle will start right after that.

How about creating 3d object in photoshop … can’t use other 3ds software…

please excuse this is my first time.

Hrmm, sounds interesting.

We have to wait for VTS to agree to this. If not, then I will make up a theme (unless he comes up with one you agree with) and set a due date :slight_smile:

Ok I think he abandoned this thread.


Zero if you dont mind, I would like to take VTS’s place in this battle. Creating 3d objects out of PS sounds cool, may I?