Anyone want a project

i am so crap at using flash it is un true

does anyone want to help make a site i only need one part of it and depending on how good you are it should not take long


I think you should post a more clearer description so people would know what they’re dealing with and whether it’s their cup of tea or not.

well this is going sound stupid but i want a room that goes back

so you are looking into it. the inside needs to be like a mobs office

with a desk, safe **** like that

thats all i need i can make all the clips i just need something to work from

i will try to find a picture from a film and show you but if you want it i would REALLY (i would not say love, that sounds to gay) (that theres any thing wrong with gays) (:x )

i would really like you and OF course i would add you to my intro

first, before me =)

i got a better idea

i was looking on but you got to pay

so if anyone can find me a BIG picture of a office then i would be just a greatful