I posted this in the form i had created but i just wanted to make sure that those participants in this matter have a chance to view my remarks, with that said here it is:

Hey guys,

I never meant to cause such a commotion over all of this but let me tell my side of the story and maybe clear up some confusion on this matter -

  1. This is my first time back to the post since about 1 am 8 -24
  2. eyezberg’s post basically set me off in the right direction with his input on the matter and yes I did run with it but according to his post he asked why offer money for that and simple wanted to help out!
  3. I fully admit my fault for not responding but it was very early in the morning before I got this done so yes I am sorry for not posting sooner.

One other thing - If eyezberg want’s the $50 I will more than gladly pay him to clear up this matter. But as these things sometimes go there is a stigma that follows you no matter what and sometimes the only way to clear that is to re-register under a diffrent name, which i do not want to do but may have to.

The other thing is I really appreciate and have appreciated all the help and tutorials on this board -

I just barely checked the post within the hour and so send this respond -
Anyway, sorry again and eyezberg let me know!


----Also I carry no hard feelings to any who jumped to conclusion and stereotyped me in a class of users that take advantage of others, that is just not the case - I fully appreciate the knowledge and help of many of you on this board and thank you for that. Many times i am not an active participant on the boards but i have learned a ton from viewing and reading many posts of all of you.
I will be the first to admit my skills with Flash are not as strong, my main skill set is primarily in 3D Studio Max which I have been using for 6 years now. So if there are any that needs models or other things created please feel free to ask. I have spent alot of time using Swift 3D and just recently purchased *discreet Plasma which is very cool.
But in the interest of keeping this post from becoming a novel I will stop with saying thank you all and sorry!

Nice apology :slight_smile:

Hi Allen,
I was about to post something in your original post about people getting too excited about all this and jumping to conclusions too quickly…
Not all of us visit here daily, so give the man a few days…Young and impatient you are, my fellow flash-dys! May the code be with you!

I could use the $, who couldn’t, but as i said, no need to offer it in the 1st place, i try to help out here just for the sake of giving something back in exchange for all the flas and tutorials i ever downloaded!

Had you started right away by saying: “3D model of whatever you want, rendered to swf, in Xchange for a lil’ AS help…” yeah, that’s an offer I’d taken you up on!

And i didn’t post the whole code (in fact i normally never do that on 1st reply, it’s like that 1st-date, no-sex- thing, lol, i’d rather give people a few pointers and let them try again and work it out by themselves, much better to understand and code than to copy’n’paste…) so if ever, i’d share 50/50with my hero supra/sbeener, but if you feel like due to all this pressure, you must get out the cash, shove it over kirupa’s way to help pay for hosting and stuff, without him nobody’d be here and able to even ask for help!!!

Now, to hopefully close the matter, i want a wireframe hand, open, palm facing me, and animation of each separate finger closing (one anim for each finger, at the end it’s a fist), and i want it now, and i’m offering $0.00 …1/2 serious here, 1/2 LOL…

Relax, folks, are we here to help and learn or what?
This forum is not about business!
(or is it? then i want $1 for each of my replies!)
Poke a stick into a bees nest and watch what happens…

lol… good post eyezberg.


PS I do actually check this board almost everyday. I guess that says something :frowning: =)

hehe me too but i’ve only been here for a couple of days hehe :slight_smile:

Hey Allen, if you’re a 3D guru, can I be your padawan?

pom :asian: