Appearing / disappearing line


Anyone know how to make a line appear or disappear as if it was being drawn by a pen. I’ve seen this done with text before and always wondered how it was done?

Obviously theres a shape tween but thats slightly different isnt it? or can it be combined with a motion trail? Or is it a tedious case of breaking the line up into pixels and somehow making them apper or disapper in order??

Any ideas??

much apreciated.


You mean something like [U]this[/U] ?

look up masking

*Originally posted by newhopekenny *
**You mean something like [U]this[/U] ? **

Something like that. What you have done there can be done with a simple shape tween. Is it possible to do that with a curve using a motion trail or something?

Im not sure that masking would do what i want? Actually! - Unless a mask can be attached to a motion trail??


cheers guys!