Applying CSS to Externally Loaded Text - Multiple fields, one .txt file?

Ok, first of all, let me say that THANK YOU KIRUPA for a great site with great tutorials…

Here’s my question-

I used the tutorial Applying CSS to Externally Loaded Text and it worked like a charm… I’ve attached the full source so everyone can see how it works… My question is-

How do I follow the same principle and use multiple text boxes in a .swf that pull the content from the one text.txt file?

In the attached fla, the 1st frame has the text box that works great and a button that goes to frame 2. Frame 2 has the same text box from frame 1 and an additional one “kirupa2.”

In the text.txt file, there is the standard “kirupa” that loads flawlessly, as well as a “kirupa2” that does not load.

Any ideas, help?