Hi guys, i went to the newly renovated Seattle aquarium yesterday! It was so much nicer than before! Heres the pictures I took. Critiques welcome!

The last two wernt from the aquarium itself… but same day. haha

And heres a couple from when it snowed on Monday. Snow is always a treat. the first one is the view outside my house before anyone touched the snow yet.

Most of the aquarium shots were taken with a remote flash (triggered by the on camera flash) that i had a friend hold up to the glass. This lit the tank a lot better and gave it a cooler “mood” i thought. I made sure it was ok to use the flash on the fish before i did it… no fish were harmed :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: if anyone was wondering, the jelly fish tank had a color changing light, thats why one was red and the other blue :slight_smile: