Are we being ripped off?

This is a flash question but it’s not for any particular version so I thought it would be best in here, plus I gotta call the guy in an hour and thought it would get a quicker response here.

In my work I produced a flash video ad for our marketing dept to add to the site. So I produced 3 files (one flv (the video) and 2 swfs (the movie and the players buttons) and then sent it back to them.

Then marketing asked me for the fla…

I said “Why do you need the fla?”
They said “We don’t know…but the company who prepares the ads needs them”

After some digging I found out that they send these 3 files along with the fla to a company who “compresses” the movie, sends it back and then we show it on our ad system. Now this isn’t the whole story, I gotta call someone and get the whole story, but does this…

“We need the fla file so we can compress the files”

Sound legit?

And remember, we’re paying these guys for this.