Are you ready

for some [size=5]FOOTBALL! [/size][size=1](american football)[/size]
[size=1]The NFL preseason is among us football fans, and the regular season is only a daring month away. Super Bowl predictions, flops, surprises, predictions, and chit chat is welcome.[/size]

I don’t like American football…

I never used to like football…I’ll watch it if its on, but I don’t make plans around having to watch it everytime it’s on.

I don’t like it either I don’t know anything about it either :to:

then why the heck did you all reply ?

i’m excited about it as well - also college football season is about to start!

I don’t like American football…


I love it! (not watching it, playing it (and not on nintendo either (our 2 practices a day start this monday (and we have practice on saturdays too :frowning: ))))

good question… I have no idea
We’re just spamming I guess… like right now :wink:

My Giants will starts strong again, only to get my hopes up and slowly dwindle away by week 8. Never fails…

Huge Eagles fans around here (my guy was born and raised in Philly), well McNabb anyway as he seems to pretty much carry the team through. They’ve made it most of the way year after year. Who knows, maybe this’ll be their year. :beer:

So, is american football that strange rugby :evil: :trout: hehe…

We didn’t want this to be a topic where everybody likes football. It needs people with more than one opinion.

Football is cool, can’t wait. :slight_smile:

There nothing Like watching the game after church. anywho… I’m not a religious man and we don’t get anywho amerikan football her on TV… but we do have the admirals. I think there dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually only watch the highlights for the normal games, but I try to not miss the main college championship/bowl games and the Super Bowl :slight_smile:

It tends to make me and my buddies break out games like Madden, except '97. The pro usually wins over college when it comes to a conflict.

2 words: Ricky Williams :lol:

Actually I can’t stand football… my 2 cents. :stuck_out_tongue: