Argh! Firefox problem with flash movie?

Hi all, I’ve been working on a map scroller for my own site, and all is going well, except when I inserted my pre-loader, the movie started behaving very weird in Firefox.

It loads fine with the pre loader and stuff, but everytime I click the map after that, it runs BACK to frame 1 loading the pre-loader again. Why?? This behaviour is no where in my code, it DOESNT do so when I publish it from Flash MX into a Firefox window, and it DOESNT behave like that in Internet Explorer.

I’ve tested it on two different computers, it is definetly a FireFox problem.

Can anyone shed some light on the issue? :sc:

The movie in question is on this site:

If needed, I will post code, but the problem should really not be in there. Everything worked fine without the pre loader, and the pre loader itself is very basic code. And the movie DOES go back to frame 1, because the pre loader is only on that frame…