ARGH! Help w/ loading swf. file from server into target

Ok I guess it takes me a while to catch on but I’ve tried the tutorials and I cant do it. Im creating a flash movie with 3 buttons, Portfolio, Resume and Contact… The window will be approx 800x500 and when the user clicks the portfolio button I would like to appear below it a small area of numbers that when clicked would load an image on the right of the movies browser window. It would be a portfolio type site to view my images. I do not want to include all these images in the flash file because they would take up alot of mb’s. Id like to store them on my server and when the corresponding number is clicked the image would load into the existing flash movie and at a approximate location in the browser window. Although I’ve gone thru the number of tutorials on loading a movie clip or swf file and tried the target it never works. Without sounding like I want the forum to help me build my site this is one stumbling block I cant overcome so any help in guiding me to a tutorial or book on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

can we see some of the code you’re using? like what you have on your buttons?
that would help a lot.