Array of mc's

Hi, I have a game project, and I want to put in stage the mc’s that I have in an array. but it doesnt work this code… what it’s wrong?

this is a function that put in the new array named “obj_prox” the value that released.

var obj_enc:Array = [Pneu_mc, Banana_mc, garrafa_mc, atum_mc, fosforos_mc, copo_mc, cola_mc];
var obj_prox:Array = [];
acerto = function() {
for (i=0; i<obj_prox.length; i++) {
var nivel:MovieClip = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("nivel"+i, this.getNextHighestDepth());
nivel.attachMovie(obj_prox*, "nivel", i);
nivel._x = 200;
nivel._y = 200;
obj_enc[0].onRelease = acerto;
obj_enc[1].onRelease = acerto;
obj_enc[2].onRelease = acerto;
obj_enc[3].onRelease = acerto;
obj_enc[4].onRelease = acerto;
obj_enc[5].onRelease = acerto;
obj_enc[6].onRelease = acerto;