Array re-initializing

I have some code that initializes an array
(arrQAnswer) that stores what button the user clicked on (0,1,2, or 3). That option it put into arrQAnswer, then compared against arrCorrectAnswer to see if the user got the question right.

The problem is that for each time the user clicks on a button, they are taken to a new screen to display feedback based on the answer of the question. If the user gets the question wrong they are returned to the original screen and try again.

This is where arrQAnswer is screwing up (or more likely, where I am screwing up).

On the first question where the user chooses an answer, then returns to that screen, arrQAnswer re-intializes. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Note that it only happens on the first question, I think that is because the first question is on the same frame as the code (below):

[AS]arrQAnswer = [];
strCorrectAnswers = “3,3,0”;
arrCorrectAnswer = strCorrectAnswers.split(",");
currentQuestion = 0;
numQuestions = arrCorrectAnswer.length;
numScoreTotal = 0;
//---------ANSWER FUNCTION-------------//
answer = function (choice) {
blnChoiceFirst = (arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] == null || arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] == undefined);
trace(“blnChoiceFirst”+currentQuestion+" "+blnChoiceFirst);
arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] = choice;
strFeedback = arrFdBk[currentQuestion][arrQAnswer[currentQuestion]];
if (arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] == arrCorrectAnswer[currentQuestion]) {
feedbackNav = 1;
numScoreTotal += Number(blnChoiceFirst);
} else {
feedbackNav = 0;

here is the file, if you want to check it out