Help with quiz


Ok, I have this quiz. They only problem I am having with the code below is located where the two comments ***—here indicate.

blnChoiceFirst is a var set to determine whether it is the users first click or not. if it is, then it is set to true, if it is not, then it is set to false. how blnChoiceFirst returns, depends is in part based on arrQAnswer which is an array that stores what the user has chosen.

I am only running into problems on the first time through on the first question.
basically the user clicks once, blnChoiceFirst evaluates as true, they click again, it should go to false, but it doesn’t on the first question.
On the second and third question it does evaluate as false like it should, which leads me to believe that somehow since the array is empty that may be causing the problem.

//---------INIT VARIABLES-------------//
arrQAnswer = []; // *****-----------here
strCorrectAnswers = "1,3,0";
arrCorrectAnswer = strCorrectAnswers.split(",");
currentQuestion = 0;
numQuestions = arrCorrectAnswer.length;
numScoreTotal = 0;
//---------ANSWER FUNCTION-------------//
answer = function (choice) {
// *****-----------here	
blnChoiceFirst = (arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] == null || arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] == undefined);
	trace("blnChoiceFirst"+currentQuestion+"  "+blnChoiceFirst);
	arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] = choice;
	strFeedback = arrFdBk[currentQuestion][arrQAnswer[currentQuestion]];
	if (arrQAnswer[currentQuestion] == arrCorrectAnswer[currentQuestion]) {
		feedbackNav = 1;
		numScoreTotal += Number(blnChoiceFirst);
	} else {
		feedbackNav = 0;
//---------CALCULATE SCORE FUNCTION-------------//
function calcScore() {
	finalScore = numScoreTotal+"/"+numQuestions;
for (numBtn=0; numBtn<4; numBtn++) {
	refBtn = this["btn"+numBtn];
	refBtn.numID = numBtn;
	refBtn.onRelease = function() {
function traceStuff() {
	trace("score = "+numScoreTotal);
arrFdBk = [];
arrFdBk[0] = ["Close, think about what the question is asking", "Good job, that is correct!!", "No, you need to re-read the question", "Sorry, there is a better choice"];
arrFdBk[1] = ["Sorry, there is a better choice", "Not Quite", "No, you need to re-read the question", "Dude, you got it right"];
arrFdBk[2] = ["way to do it!", "very close", "No, you need to re-read the question", "Close, think about what the question is asking"];