Arrrrgghhhh Somebody Please!

Can somebody please please please please help me!

I have been pulling my hair out for about two weeks trying to get a flash contact form to work on my site!!! I’m at my wits end now!

Please can someone help me.

The contact flash form on Kirupa Tutorials is fantastic it works absolutely perfect on its own in its own flash file.

I’ve tried then actually putting it into my website and its a different story - entirely my fault I know.

I’ve put the form into its own movieclip and attaching it thru attachMovie (using correct extensions ie. _root.menu_mc. etc etc…)

And I’ve also tried using the Loader from the Components panel.
This calls on an external SWF (the contact form in its own flash file). This way partially works - it will send the form but not jump to the ‘thankyou your message has been sent’ screen.

Can someone please please help me!!!

I’m not a quitter but this is absolutely killing me! And its sunny outside!!!

Please can someone find it in their soul to point me in the right direction - I’M SO CLOSE!!!