wow! I’m amazed, that was a wonderful performance. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Thanks for sharing the link Blueline.

one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

Oh my God! That was FANTASTIC! I’m so grateful for that link, honestly I am.

That was amazing


wow. I’m so jealous of people sometimes…this is one of those times.

what is it? i work on really slow connection and it will take me ages to download 18 mb’s…is it worth it??

talk a lil about it plz, may b it’s amazing but not what i may wnt spend somuch time downloading on…

after watching that, all i could say is…


HAHAHahha thor

what does that mean?

no, jaz, tell me u know trogdor…

nah i dont… may be we refer to that thing or watever it is with some other term here… or is it a slang? i hav’ent looked into the dictionary too but no meaning there even.

searched on google

"Trog-Dohr" Click once to rate this definition: (votes: 865)


(1) The mythical creature created by Strong Bad in response to an e-mail asking him if he knew how to draw dragons.

Reputed to have once been a man, then a dragon-man, and now primarily a dragon, Trogdor is composed of an S-shaped body, teeth and scales made of “consummate V’s”, a muscular arm extending from the back of his neck, small wings, and two stick legs.

Reputedly a vicious being who routinely lays waste to the countryside and the peasants who inhabit it, he is also known by his full name, “Trogdor the Burninator”.

(2) Any foolish and absurd individual who is highly destructive and hot-tempered.

(3) Someone who wants to be taken seriously, but comes across as ludicrous and irritating.

(1) Trogdor the Burninator just burninated my hovel. I wonder if my insurance will cover this.

(2) After destroying a dinette set and several cupboards-full of dishes in his anger over being unable to tie his shoes, Steven became know as a veritable Trogdor.

(3) What a Trogdor! She wants to go to the party with us, but can you imagine her trying to pass herself off as an intellectual to Dr. Bronson? Maybe we can bring her out to break up the party, but not before.

Admit, this is a new word for me
we dont use such hot words over here hahah, but now i know =)

anyway i have downloaded the file 97% done.

the art file above is amazing yes :slight_smile:

and jaz:

that video was absolutely amazing, how incredible was the art that he produced in a matter of seconds, and with just a few strokes!! what a creative mind…

Actually my art teacher did that sorta thing, but not with sand, she performed i think it was called “motion painting” kinda like music and drama like in the video but with painting and dancing as well, never got to see any videos but her art was awesome… she mostly did the performances in china and japan.

:: i have to watch that video again… :!:

WOW, that was amazing.

HAHAHA, that was great eilsoe …now i know who trogdor really is… great explaination man, thanks a lot =)