TROGODOR strikes again!

Yeahhh! Burninator! Cant wait!


hm… I hate the fine print, it says that’s the maximum requirements :frowning:

haha…intense…i love that dragon

the guy who originally e-mailed SB about that must be pretty lucky to get all this attention.


Haha, awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

“Peasant’s Quest” :smiley:

hehe - that’s great. Are the e-mails they receive real? :ub:

I’m pretty sure. Why bother writing up fake e-mails when you can just sort through a bunch of ****ty ones.


There’s probably more comedy value in real emails than in anything the creators could come up with as fakes. :slight_smile:

I love those guys. I wonder if the brothers were the two guys in the trailer.

And he came in niiiiiggghtt!!

That’s awesome!

Yeah the emails are real. The brothers are originally from Tallahassee, FL (where I live) they graduated from FSU and everything.

It’s awesome - remember that monster truck rally themed email? the one that was like Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

Well that email came out right after the weekend we had our Monster Truck rally and the ticket they flash up in the email is a replica of a Leon County Civic Center ticket…

pretty cool . other than that email - they pretty much ignore everyone in tallahassee.

except for i think this one guy.

OMG! Bye HL2 and it’s bad release dates and crappy graphics. Welcome Trogdor!

Whahahahahahahahahhahaha Awesome!!! Love that site…

oh… look new E-mails… ^^

As well, in the “Local News” e-mail, Dan D from Tallahassee writes asking if Strong Badia’s local news is better than Tallahassee’s. Tallahassee’s local news is absolutely horrible (I go to FSU in Tally as well) and well, just bad. Strong Bad also makes a nice humourous poke at the football rivalry between Florida State and University of Florida when he’s not able to pronouce Tallahassee (FSU) and instead says Gainesville (home of UF).

…and we all thought that the first Trogdor game was enough. This is excitement beyond comprehension! I can’t wait!

I must say that the name is awesome. Strong Bad is sooo good!

you guys didnt miss the “easter egg” at the end did you?

“What did I say!”