Artist / Animator Wanted ASAP!

Hi there people,

My name is James, & I am the Lead Game Designer & Creative Director for a team of people who were formed under my vision of creating at least one video game through our combined efforts & abilities. I am seeking at least 1 Artist / Animator to join my team, as my current artist is… being a bit of a pain shall we say? Here is a copy of the original advertisement I used to lure the rest of my team, cut down to only the Artist / Animator position (as that is the only position relevant).

Skilled people who love games wanted!

Let’s start from the beginning.

You have a skill, be it programming, drawing, coding, or making noise.
You also have a passion for video games, in both the creating & playing sense, &…
You want to combine these two factors of your life into one, yet you lack the versatility of knowing all the disciplines needed to create a video game-
Hell, you may even know all the disciplines, yet you lack the creativity needed to dream-up & fashion into working-order something that people would be willing to pay for… let-alone like!

That’s what I’m here for-
To form a team of people who have the combined skills to create a video game & fine-tune them to corrolate & create said video game through the use of each-others abilities.

The available main positions are as follows:

**Artists / Animators (1-4people): **
Artwork is what catches the eye of the player- be it an eye-sore or eye-candy. As such, just like the coding; it too can either make or break a game.
As an artist / animator, you will be drawing all pictures & artwork for the game & accompanying website. This job includes sprite & map design.
Can demonstrate their abilities.
Can understand & draw what other people describe to them & ad-lib where needed.
Can draw & inject own style & creativity into artwork without persuasion yet at the same time can stick to given guidelines.
Can draw on the computer- graphic tablets are recommended for fast development but not needed if you can prove otherwise.
Can draw sprites, characters, effects, weapons, maps, & also knows what needs doing to get all said features at a state where all that is left is for the programmer to code user input etc.
Can work fast & effectively whilst still producing high-quality work. Programmers cannot code characters that are non-existant or missing their walking sprites!
Can do all this without infringing upon Copyrights. -Unique & original work only.
NOTE: We will NOT be using XNA / Flash. We are basing all our coding in C++, & as such, you must be familiar with what is required to get sprites, maps etc. into & working in a C++ environment…

Bonus Points:
Can do other jobs from this skills list or misc. ones not mentioned. (Be specific)
Can model & create objects, characters etc. in 3D.

**Required of Everyone: **
The ability to read & write in English to a high-standard. (I don’t want our work being slowed down due to one programmer not understanding what we want done).
MSN Messenger or the willingness to get MSN Messenger, for the purposes of one-on-one discussions, team meetings etc.
Secrecy- as I’m sure you’d all understand, leaking information, alpha’s, beta’s etc. to anyone, even to just a close gaming friend, can destroy what the game had going before it… gets going… let-alone any possible hype.
Dedication- Although we will be approaching this as a “hobby group” (for lack of a better description), we will still be making the game to a general deadline. From experience, it pays to be act more organised & professional regardless of the situation you are actually in…

  • Remember; the better the content & the faster it comes out, the faster we can get our return (in whatever form that may be).
  • So if you’re not up to dedicating about 2-3 nights to the game-making process per week + 1 formal group meeting every 2 weeks (which is insanely laid-back & casual as it is)… then think twice before you apply. It’s not as much work as it seems!
    -2-3 nights per week is just an approximation. If you’re good at you’re job, you’ll be using less time than that…

Rewards from joining the team:
I’m sure you’re all wondering the cliche “What’s in it for me?”. Nice.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

Although this team is essentially starting off as a group of people doing a hobby together, there is always the possibility of going “legit” & creating a studio.
As such, although this team will, for at least the first game or two, follow under the “hobby” sign, I still fully expect to make money from the games we create. (Sweet, sweet moolah!) These details will discussed more when you join the team.
Also, we cannot forget that from joining the team you will get your name in the credits!
In a nutshell, you get your name in the credits, a bit of pocket-money (according to success of the game), an awesome game to put on your resume & an overall feeling of accomplishment…
Once again, you do want to make a game… don’t you?

I would also like to point out that although I am forming this team around hobbyists, producing a game of a decent (if not high) calibre is hard & does require a certain level of talent & developed skills. That is the reason behind me choosing who joins the team, as opposed to accepting anyone.
For those who don’t fit the bill for the above positions or are unsuccessful at applying, not to worry! I will post QA Testing positions for Beta etc.

To apply, send an email to [email protected], with an accompanying cover letter & a demonstration of your abilities in an attachment- ensure it can be viewed by anyone (especially if you’re using a special not run-of-the-mill program), as a demonstration of your talent that cannot be viewed leaves alot to be desired (baad!)

Note: I will not be replying in the threads where I post this- so if you’re after a position do not post a reply / comment etc. Email it through as mentioned above.

To give you an idea as to how serious I am, I’ll shed some light on the positions that have already been filled:

1 x Lead Game Designer & Creative Director
1 x Assistant Game Designer & Programming Liaison
1 x Lead Programmer
2 x Programmers
1 x Sound Designer / SFX Engineer

Obviously, I am lacking in the art department. This is unfortunate, as I expected (& originally had) an artist to join my team first, so that he/ she could begin drawing up concepts, sprites etc. Due to unforeseen artist problems, this is not the case, which leads me to say that our team is behind on schedule for kicking off the game-building, so, I NEED you to be able to get started straight-away, as the programmers cannot program sprites / maps etc. that are non-existant!!

I look forward to your responses, & I too am excited about discovering some amazing talent out there!


PS. I am NOT kidding about EMAILING me! If you genuinely are interested in getting a position within my team, the ONLY way of getting it will be through emailing me at [email protected]! (Too many times do people not read directions properly)