[AS 1.0]Scrolling Photo Gallery

Some ten years ago I made a website for a friend of mine that happens to be a painter (http://rubenwetterau.de/flash.html) and have been updating it with new text and gallery images every few months / years ever since, but the code is still Actionscript 1.0, and I didn’t keep up to date, meaning I rather finished studying medicine than learn the newer Actionscript versions or even keep up to date in HTML coding. I told him I don’t have time to update his site any more and he’s been looking for another webdesigner for I think the last year, getting lots of promises, but never anything working or a concept that he liked seemingly. Now I agreed to update it one more time for the sake of friendship, because this guy’s totally computer illiterate and also kind of relies on this website for sales of paintings, which is really ****ty when all the images are totally outdated.

It takes a really ****ing long time to update the image gallery the way it is organized now, because he’s extremely critical concerning composition and I always have to switch images around, increase or decrease thumbnail size until all the borders align perfectly and the proportions match and slide them around until all the colors on a given gallery page fit.

The solution would be to replace the gallery pages by one single gallery page that contains a scrolling photo gallery like this or something similar. Then I could also just replace the outdated (overpainted, sold) images with new ones without all the fuss, now and for maybe a few future updates.

Now I tried finding a tutorial for the last few days and only found downloads with cost, tutorials for ActionScript 3.0 or stuff that looks horrible.

Does anyone have some code snippets or tutorials handy that I could use? I don’t think I can just learn ActionScript 3.0 on the go and rewrite the whole ■■■■ site. Do you need a .fla of the site or some code to see how it’s done at the moment?