Photo gallery like this one

I’m looking to create a photo gallery similar to this one ( but that loads the pictures from external files like in the “sbeener photo gallery” tutorial. Can anybody give me an idea of how to start this task? Sort of new to AS.


It’s kind of crappy but its like a scroll thing.

just a note, that’s not in flash :wink:

Wow I didnt notice that! You’re right. I wonder how he made it. Or how she made it.

javascript or dhtml :wink:

But then again it can be easily done in Flash:)
To start:
and not exactly the same: post #15


Thanks for all the responses everybody. I was aware it is not flash and was just looking to create a similar action. Thank you for the .fla Smurf. It helped me see the general idea of what needed to be done. With that and the example Scotty gave me ( post #15) I should have it done in no time. Thanks again for all the help guys…Lifesavers!



I woud like to write out a long winded tutorial on this but why bother when you can view the video. check this out. It is on the same lines as what your wanting

click the scrollpane component link and view the video tutorial if you have a ASDL if not HTMl is just as good.