AS 2: font from shared library

Need to load font from shared library, to use it in main application then needed.
Problem - do not work in IE7 and IE8. all working fine in FF. Problem it’self: code from loaded swf do not run.

file: arial_n_lib.fla - on the stage (main scene) movieClip - arial_n_mc. It contains dynamic textfield with needed Font-Arial and Embeded symbols(cyrilic, latin etc…). MovieClip properties: in first frame, for action script, export for runtime sharing and swf path

file: arial_n.fla - shared library container: on the stage (main scene) movieClip- arial_n_mc (dragged from arial_n_lib.fla ). On the next layer AS2.0 code:

this.TimeOut = function()
    if( == undefined)
    { = setInterval(this,"TimeOut",1000);
        clearInterval( );
        trace("registering txt field::"+this.arial_n_mc.arial_n_txt)

file: ie8test.fla - main app(test). Code in fla (showing here main parts - do not show trivial things)

my_mcl.loadClip(myURL, this.dummy);

_global.regFont = function(tfld) //tfld - Textfield object

    var tf = tfld.getTextFormat();    

so loading shared libary container. In FF I see trace: font=Arial, in IE7,8 - function regFont did not called. Why??

Please help, it’s very urgent! Big project stopped because of this

P.S. changing _global.regFont to _root.regFont - does not help
P.P.S. compiled for player version 9 and 10. Played in FlashPlayer v10 - no results