AS 3.0 Fighting Game (What to do next?)


Aim: To make a fighting game in Flash CS4 ActionScript 3.0 flashplayer 10.

I made animation movieclips from a ryu sprite sheet like punch, kicklow, kickhigh, jumpright, jumpleft, etc in the library.

Now in the library all the movieclips are for the character ryu.

1.What should I do next.

2.How to make everything into one movieclip named ‘ryu’.

3.What does in the symbol properties -> export to actionscript really means?
Only by ticking it we would be able to use AS?

  1. Why does onClipEvent() doesn’t work in CS4 AS 3.0

  2. Since there is no keycode for alphabets and numbers enabled for flash player 10 (only for AIR) how to make a custom class with those keycodes?

  3. Where are the class files, packages in Flash stored in the hard disk. I can’t find it in the install folder.

Sorry for such a post with so many questions. But I really need to because its very important. I’d taken flash seriously (hehehe…)

Please help friends.

Thank You