AS 3.0 Importing Classes/MovieClips question

so i’m having some difficulty understanding how classes behave.

i’m creating an application using AS3.0 and class files. in this application i have a MovieClip in the library i’m using that contains several symbols and configurable textfields and have already defined the functionality for these symbols.

my question is, if i’m creating an application and through actionscript and i’m spawning instances of a symbol, do i have to define the functionality and initialize this symbol in the main application class?


i’m creating a panorama app with markers that are papervision3d planes. they use a movieClip texture that i’ve created and i want to configure textfields and display pictures that describe the info in the marker.

i created a class file that configures the panorama. but i also have a class that defines the symbol’s behavior. this movieclip has symbols in it it’s stage that i’ve defined (ie: name_textfield, description_textfield, etc…)

when i compile the project, the compiler errors saying that the variables/identified internal symbols are missing.