AS for moving and transforning one simple shape?

Hey there… i have this simple simple simple shape that i want to transform over time… in a simple way.
and in my movie,. i have like over 20 of these! and they all transform into a slightly different shape that the one i have illustrated in this file,… But i am looking for a little bit of help, or a little bit of hellp looking for what i need to be searching for. I have searched my books, and forums, but havent been able to come up with the right keywords to fit the problem.

Let me know if you have any ideas?

-Jeremy :tb:

Check this one out!

This will describe my situation much more clearly!!

I have attached a new file… this is one of the many lines that are being drawn in my movie to illustrate a battle route through a large map. the problem is… that there are like 7 lines happening at the same time,. and with these really long tweens… man… your system just creeps along!
Also each line has these custom circles that are moving around under the mask layer… that are being used to illustrate the line moving at a certain pace,… and with progression… you will see.

So is ther a better way to do this? There has to be!
I would be happy to learn what to do… just dont know where to begin looking!

-jeremy :tb: