[AS] Hand Cursor without a Button?

Hello all,

I’ve read about this before. It shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m working on some buttons that will act like normal buttons, but can’t be highlighted using the TAB key. I can’t stand that yellow border, and because I’m using so many masks, the TAB option would allow users to use buttons that aren’t supposed to be there.

So I’ve made a Movie Clip with an internal sort of hit area, and I’m trying to enable a Hand Cursor somehow. I’ve tried toying with Properties and such, playing with some scripts, and nothing yet. So far, if the Hand Cursor appears, TAB also works.

I know I could just make a Movie Clip of the Hand Cursor and swap it in when the user rolls over the button. But I’d like to know if I could possibly avoid that.

Any ideas? Thanks everyone.