Changing the hand cursor

I was just wondering if anyone here knows how to disable the hand cursor.
Now I DO NOT mean a custom cursor…I just want the arrow to remain when you move over a button (in Flash), and I don’t want it to change to the hand cursor.
I know it can be done. I’ve done it before, but I forgot.
Something like:
Mouse.use–something = false;

If anyone knows, please let me know too.
Thanks ppl.

just don’t use buttons, use movie clips with a mouseDown and a hitTest.
other than that you will have to just recreate the generic pointer as the mouse cursor in flash.

Use Flash MX.

pom :asian:

ok ok, i got it.

i finally figured it out.
the code is below.

//Sets hand cursor off for your button instance
blueButton.useHandCursor = false;

//Sets hand cursor on for your button instance
blueButton.useHandCursor = true;

This is what I wanted. If you guys haven’t tried it already…u should. its quite useful.

thanks for the help anyway. :slight_smile:

why would you disable the hand? It took the people at microsoft 2 monthes to create that! lol

oh who cares about those microsoft guys anyway…lol

Well for one of my projects (building an interactive network blueprint for my employer) i needed to get rid of the hand cursor for one of them. People kept wondering why clicking on the button wouldn’t take them anywhere else (that’s when u kinda realize how stupid people can be).

anyway…just for THEIR “ease of use” i had to try an get rid of the ■■■■ hand cursor.

what can i say…people today are just not satisfied with anything.

OK, but this features in Flash MX only, not in Flash 5. And this is the Flash 5 forum :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

hmm…i think not.

i use only flash 5, cuz I DON’T have flash MX.
it works perfectly fine for me.

oh well…as long as it works, im not complaining.

In my face. I was pretty sure though…

pom :asian: