AS not working when .swf inserted into dreamweaver

I have a main movie called “ads.swf” and multiple external .swf (1.swf, 2.swf…) All external swfs are preloaded into levels.

My AS works until I insert "ads.swf into a dreamweaver page. Then it no long will load the second .swf

On the last frame of 1.swf, the AS tells the main timeline to play the next frame which tells 2.swf to begin. From what I can tell, this is where the problem lies. Did My AS stop working when inside the html page becuase the root levels are confused?

What AS should I use if :
“ads” is level 0,
1.swf loads on level 1
and from this level 1 timeline I need to speak back to the main level 0 timeline to play next frame?

_level0.nextFrame(); is not working once flash is inserted into DW

Thanks! (DW page not working) (standalone working)