Flash to dreamweaver problems


I realy need some help to sort this out. I have put all the swf files into DW in a fla folder. then i create a main html page and put the main.swf in it.

it works fine but the main.swf has external swf files to make the main.swf complet. it all works fine in flash player but when viewed in DW it only plays the main.swf and will not play any of the external swf WHY???

how are you loading the external swfs??? i think it a targetting problem can you zip the files so we can look at them?

Hi grimdeath

This what im using to load a music player.

It works fine when viewed in flash player but it will not load into the main movie in DW

And this what im using to load external text swf’s in to the main movie. this AS sits on the buttons in the main swf

b1.onRelease = function() {
if (_root.section != “text1.swf”) {
_root.section = “text1.swf”;
b2.onRelease = function() {
if (_root.section != “text2.swf”) {
_root.section = “text2.swf”;
b3.onRelease = function() {
if (_root.section != “text3.swf”) {
_root.section = “text3.swf”;
function preload(theClip) {
if (!theClip.doneLoading) {
if (theClip.getBytesLoaded() == theClip.getBytesTotal()) {
theClip.doneLoading = true;
percentLoaded = (theClip.getBytesLoaded()/theClip.getBytesTotal());
_root.transition.loadBar._width = 100*percentLoaded;
_root.transition.loadBarBorder._alpha = 100;

well the problem i think is you have the swf with the html file in one directory and the player1.swf in the fla folder try putting the player1.swf in the same folder as the html file and the main.swf im sure that will take care of your problem

Hey thanks Grimdeath u are a star it all works. When i read your repley to do this i then rembered that i had the same problem before with some flash buttons that would not play because they where in the fla’s folder and not in the html folder.

Once again thanks

no problem sometimes simple things drive us nuts :wink: