[as1,as2] Attaching objects

I´ll try again.
I need to attach, two movieclips, into the stage.
These two movieclips, are top-left registration point.
These two movieclips, has in each one, another movieclip, wich are center registration point.
This movieclip, that has, center, registration point, when on the stage, will rotate.
So, how to attach the two main movieclips, that has top-left registration point, in a way, that they won´t collide visualy while their inside movieclips are rotating.

What is important here is:

It is the same draw for the main movieclip and for the holder movieclip of the draw.
But each main movieclip, I mean, different main movieclips has holders movieclips with different draws.
In other words, there are the movieclip that holds the draw ( the one that rotates), and the main movieclip that holds the movieclip that holds the draw.
When the main movieclip goes on stage, the movieclip that holds the draw, rotates.
So this is why, I think it is important to calculate what is the bigger part of the draw, its height, or, its width.

While they are rotating, they can´t collide visually.

Thank you.