AS2.0 class help

Hey guys,

Im struggling a little bit as im starting to try to impliment classes and things now, since i havent done so in the past :X

For instance, ive written a class to control my content panels on my site. They work well! Currently they controll all the positioning perfectly on there own.

What I am having trouble with, is how do i pass variables into my classes. For instance, my main content panel, has variables in the class:

public var contentState:Number;

Now, what I would like to do, is have movieClips on my stage, or 'buttons' that will be able to change 'contentState' within my class.

How do i go about passing these variables? Right now i have;

' _root.panel.contentState = 1; '

This doesnt do anything! :cantlook:

Anyway - one more question!

For instance - lets say I have, text fields inside of a movieclip, how would i control these through my class? I tried defining them as;

’ public var titleText:TextArea; ’

then later on in the class assign 'titleText = “Blah…”;
However, i get an error saying:

The class or interface ‘TextArea’ could not be loaded.
public var titleText:TextArea

If anyone could give me some insight that would great!

Thanks in advance-