[AS2][CS3] swapdepth gallery stops working after multiple function trigger

Here is the file in action: http://crosswebdesigns.net/misc/explore.swf

If you hover over the long buttons on the left of the different destinations, the corresponding description and image on the right should ‘cross’ fade in (swapdepth). This works perfect the first time round indefinitely. Now at the bottom around the center is the ‘back/home’ button (denoted by a house icon), if you click on here, it should reset fine the first time.

Hovering over the different destinations works normal initially, but then stops. It no longer ‘cross’ fades but just swaps instantly from one image and description to another. At this point if you continue to press the back/home button, the functionality continues to degrade. Soon, even the image and description wont change upon hovering over the left buttons of different destinations.

If you tested this directly in your browser, after a while it is - as i have noticed - accompanied with extreme lag. Which to me seems to indicate that there’s some infinite loops or something going to to lag the computer. I have no idea. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The .fla is here: http://crosswebdesigns.net/misc/explore.zip
(password = flashproblem)

Thanks guys

ps; the back/home button only works after you have are away from the intro page.