AS2 Event Listening Between Classes


I am an AS3 coder, but I’ve been given project that needs to be done in AS2, and am having trouble understanding the events model. Inside my controller movie clip, I have a draggable movie clip that dispatches an event when it reaches a point. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my controller to properly listen to the event. I have no idea what I am doing wrong—Please help!!! I have attached my files.

The dragger dispatches the event as follows:

var eventObject:Object = {target:this, type:'Snapped'};

Controller script–the complete handler never executes

import mx.utils.Delegate;

class labelController extends MovieClip {
	public var dragClip;
	function dispatchEvent() {
	function addEventListener() {
	function removeEventListener() {
	function labelController() {
		dragClip.addEventListener('Snapped', Delegate.create(this, completeHandler));
	function completeHandler(eventObject:Object):Void